Tim Yoder

Vice President – Research

Tim is Capstone’s resident contrarian and is responsible for our database of automotive and mobility companies and their investors. Basically, he makes sure you see the deals that fall into your wheelhouse, domain, or bailiwick and that Capstone knows everything it needs to know. If your company has anything to do with automotive, automotive technology, or mobility, Tim probably has his eye on you.

When Tim isn’t out hiking, e-biking, kayaking, or visiting museums and places of historical significance with Joanna, his amazing wife, he’s at home wishing he wasn’t at home, or possibly reading or watching baseball. A terrible golfer, Tim still has high hopes that he isn’t too old to get better. And he thinks some of the most beautiful things ever made by man have been cars.

In a past life, Tim could identify all the senators and representatives by sight. And before that, he received a BA in history from the University of Delaware.

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