Transactions for Titans:M&A deals that build legacies in Automotive & Autotech

Vertical integration and auto supplier
consolidation is inevitable and often necessary.

We create synergistic alliances for leading automotive and mobility companies.

Capstone Financial Group has used an unrivaled knowledge of the automotive industry and extensive partnerships with strategic and financial investors worldwide to represent more than 300 mobility clients with sales ranging from start-up to $600m in annual revenue.

See how Capstone M&A advisors structured deals that secured the future:

Straight to the Finish Line

Single Deal Transforms 3 Tier One Suppliers into a Powerhouse

Deals like this don’t happen every day. Capstone structured a transformative deal in the automotive industry. In a single, multi-language deal that crossed international borders and tax laws, Capstone bundled three separate suppliers into a single conglomerate and sold them to an equity firm as a formidable Tier One Supplier, while allowing the founder to retain a significant equity stake.

The sellers were three separate entities: Powerflow Inc., of Buffalo, NY; Powerflow Products Ltd., of Toronto; and Solutions Plastik Inc., of Magog, Quebec. Capstone provided independent, in-depth financial analysis and accounting functions for the three entities in preparation for the deal.


Buying 3 DMS from eBay

Capstone Turns Autologue Into Autotech’s 2nd Largest Player

Capstone helped Autologue Computer Systems, Inc. structure and close a multi-acquisition deal with eBay. Buying three distribution management systems — PartsWatch, AutoEase, and Maccel — from eBay makes Autologue the second largest player in its industry.


The Making of a Unicorn

Capstone Helps Bring Autotech Startup to Market Domination Through M&A

It all starts with Extang, a Michigan-based automotive startup.

Through a competitive bidding process, Capstone gets Extang funded by Kinderhook Industries, a well-known auto industry investor.

Extang’s professional management team stays onboard and its owners keep a portion of their shares.

Capstone performs a simultaneous transaction and helps Kinderhook also buy Extang’s major competitor.

Through a subsequent series of strategically designed mergers initiated by Capstone, Kinderhook continues to fund what is now called THI.

After several rounds of additional funding, including the deals introduced by Capstone, THI becomes Truck Hero, Inc., by far the dominant player in its industry segment.

What was once a small owner-operated company has become a unicorn in the automotive industry.


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