We help established auto suppliers, as well as late stage autotech and mobility companies, secure their future in the mobility ecosystem.

When you reach a certain stage of growth, the startup model doesn’t work anymore. After Series B, you need more capital than most VCs are willing to invest and more time than they are willing to give you. It’s no longer about moving fast and breaking things; it’s about merging well and scaling up. With more than 30 years of investment banking and private placement experience in the automotive and mobility space, our investment banking team knows how to guide you through every step of merging with the right partner and scaling your company quickly.

Autotech & Mobility Companies Face Unique Challenges for Securing their Future

Forge Alliances

In the modern automotive industry, you need to combine forces with other synergistic companies. Capstone gives you access to leading industry partners and provides expert M&A guidance so you create the most valuable alliances.

Overcome Funding Constraints

VC funding can limit innovation and growth at later stages when it includes:

  • Multiple rounds of fundraising because not enough capital was released at any single time.
  • Dilution of ownership because equity relinquishment occurs at each round.
  • Unrealistic expectations because timelines were too short.

Survive Consolidation

As in the past, the New Auto Industry will be led by a few multi-company firms that make synergistic acquisitions within their respective “modules,” which are essential for the autotech ecosystem. Ensure that your products or services are survivors in this new auto world.

Why Capstone

Global Partners in Automotive & Banking
Capstone’s network includes key worldwide auto industry players, strategic buyers and financial investors.
Clients, Globally
Capstone finances and forges win/win deals around the world.
$0M to $0M+
per Transaction
Capstone’s larger pool of capital lets us fund larger amounts of equity at once.

White Paper: SPACs

Business owners who aren’t aware of the SPACs risks can find themselves with their business’ value diluted

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Mobility Innovation Presentation

See the presentation and transcript from the AASA’s recent Mobility Innovation Conference.

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Is This Source of Funding For You?

Capstone works for

Later Stage Autotech Startups and Established Mobility Companies that:

Have fully developed products or services making them mature enough for M&A

Would like all “rounds” of funding at once so the CEO immediately gets back to work

Want more favorable equity terms which show the total equity relinquishment up front

Prefer funding from a competitive bidding process based on unbiased data and perfect investor fit, with these investors selected in days, not months

Would like for Capstone to do all the work to get the funding

Get Mobility Capital
for the Long Term

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