Capstone is the only M&A advisory firm that focuses solely on the automotive industry. We’ve spent more than 30 years building powerful alliances so you find optimal investors and partners quickly. Select these partners within weeks, not months.

Is Autotech M&A Funding Right For You

Legacy Automotive Groups

We’ve provided investment banking advice to every branch of the automotive industry and done business within every branch of the automotive industry. As such, we have closed more auto M&A deals than any other investment bank in the world. Our network includes more than 6,400 financial institutions and 14,000 auto companies worldwide that contact us continually about the auto industry in general and autotech deals specifically.

Late Stage Mobility Startups

No more running from one round of fundraising to another. We contact hand-selected investors, create a competitive bidding process, and do all the work so your company experiences minimal disruption throughout the process.

Benefits of Autotech M&A Funding

Close Quicker

Strong relationships with investors around the world let us find you the best buyer, faster.

Close Stronger

Better understanding of the industry generates better terms for you. We know what drives value in the automotive industry and we help you access the best deals and secure the strongest investments.

Climb Higher

The last round of funding you’ll ever need. Get the financing, M&A advisory services, and alliances you need to become an integral part of the automotive ecosystem.

An Industry-Specific Process Refined
Over 30 Years by The World Leader

Due Diligence
Company Assessment
& Valuation
Prepare Offering Materials
Bidding Process
Evaluate Best
Letter of
Begin Closing Process

Autotech M&A Funding FAQs

What is the difference in “raising capital” and “M&A?”

Not much. It’s all “A.” The primary difference is how the money gets into the company. M&A is enacted through a competitive bidding process, which almost always produces better results for the shareholders.

Why is your time to close so short?

We're faster because we don’t need educating. We know the mobility industry inside and out. After 30 years of auto experience, we pretty much know who the investor is going to be before we bring a deal to market.

What types of investors are interested in mobility transactions?

Capstone’s funding comes from worldwide institutions such as hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, eternity funds, private equity funds and large family offices. Importantly, these groups contact us frequently and let us know exactly the industry segment and deal size they are seeking. We generally do not use venture capital because we think it’s a mismatch for the auto industry.

What is a Competitive Bidding Process?

It is a sale process designed by an investment bank wherein several interested investors submit competing bids for their interest in the company.

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