AutoTech Connect FAQ

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Q. Is this event a good fit for Tier 1 and Tier 2 global automotive suppliers? What can they expect to get out of the event?

A. Yes, this event is designed for just that kind of supplier, allowing it to be personally introduced to much of the world’s leading automotive technology.

Q. How does the “matchmaking” process work? Do we have any say in the process?

A. About 30 days before the event, we will start publishing lists of both the established suppliers and the autotech companies, and all will have the chance to pick their top choices for the meetings.

Q. Can we get a list of attendees at the last AutoTech Connect?

A. Yes. Please see

Q. What will the day of September 23rd actually look like?

A. The day goes from 8AM to 7PM. We are hosting breakfast first thing in the morning and a cocktail reception late in the afternoon. In between will be sixteen rounds of 25-minute meetings. We know your time is valuable so the focus is very meeting-forward. 

Q. Do you get Tier 1s with over a billion dollars in revenue per year?

A. We hosted nine at our last event.

Q. What does “semi-private” mean? What will the setup look like in the ballroom?

A. The ballroom will have a four-person table for each established supplier. Each table will have four seats, or two for each company. Though this is an open-room concept, we envision having enough space for the meetings to be semi-private.

Q. Just to double-check, how many people does the fee cover? Is the reception included or is it extra?

A. The cost to established suppliers is $500 per 4-person meeting table, which includes registration for up to two people from the company and all food and beverage. At our last event, some suppliers bought multiple tables.

Q. What if we want to send 4 or 6 or 8 people?

A. Anything more than two would require two tables, but you are welcome to purchase as many tables as you wish.

Q. We’re really having 16 meetings?

A. Yes. Up to 16, if you wish.

Q. The event is over right at 7PM?

A. The event is officially over at 7 PM, but our last event saw people meeting well after that.

Q. What is the deadline to register?

A. There is no specific deadline to register, but the sooner the better so the top choices for meetings will still be available.

Q. What should I bring? Can I bring a vehicle? Can I do demos?

A. Any deliverable that you would like the supplier or autotech company to take with them. Space permitting, we will also have demos and vehicles outside. The Henry Ford is in a fairly wide open paved area. Let us know if you’d like to bring something that you think might not fit in the ballroom and we’ll try to make arrangements with the venue.

Q. Who should we send to the event to get the most out of it?

A. Those who will make investment, partnership or acquisition decisions on autotech companies.


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